Techniqual questions

What is a special fluid?

Special fluids are ultra pure tailor-made hydrocarbon solvents which can be used in various applications such as cosmetics, drilling mud, crop protection, lubricants, paints, printing inks etc. These solvents contain n-paraffin, iso-paraffin and cyclic-paraffins with extremely controlled carbon distribution in order to provide the right properties needed for each application. Total Fluides manufactures these solvents in its state-of-the-art plants located in Oudalle, France and Bayport, USA.

How do we manufacture high purity special fluids?

Special fluids are manufactured by our cutting-edge HDA© Technology. We invest huge effort in the R&D to select the best feedstock for HDA process. These feedstocks undergo controlled catalytic reaction under the high pressure of pure Hydrogen. Our HDA© units coupled with specifically designed distillation columns give us the control to manufacture the right products for our customers.

What are key characteristics of special fluids?

Special fluids are characterized by different physical and chemical properties depending on the applications. Some of the key characteristics are Distillation Range, Kinematics Viscosity, Density, Flash Point, Pour Point, Aniline Point etc. All our HDA products are aromatic free and we rigorously control aromatic content in each production batch.


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