Technical advantages of the SCRIPTANE® offset printing range:

  • Technical advantages of the SCRIPTANE® PW offset printing range:
  • Narrow boiling ranges offering total evaporation control and press stability
  • Good balance between solvent power (dissolution of resins), solvent release and ink cohesion
  • Excellent consistency of quality due to the controlled manufacturing process
  • Odorless, colourless 
  • Excellent UV / long term stability

Which SCRIPTANE® PW should you choose for offset printing ink?

  • SCRIPTANE® PW 24/27H, PW 25/28H and PW 26/29H are particularly suitable for heatset ink formulation.
  • SCRIPTANE® PW 25/33H and PW 28/32H are used in sheetfed ink.
  • SCRIPTANE® PW 30/35H can be used to adjust drying characteristics of newspaper inks (coldset).


SCRIPTANE PW products comply with:

  • Basic criteria for Blue Angel award of the Environmental Label:
    • Recycled Paper RAL-UZ 14, July 2014
    • Printing Inks RAL-UZ 195
  • US FDA 21 CFR §178.3620(b). They are authorized as components in articles intended for food contact. To find out more about these authorizations, contact our HSE department
  • Purity requirements of European and US pharmacopeia
  • German “Rheinheitsanforderungen an flüssige Paraffine” (155. Mitteilung Bundesgesundheitsblatt 25 (1982),192)

Total ecosolution

For the significant advantage they offer in terms of sanitary impact due to their ultra low aromatic content, SCRIPTANE PW distillates were awarded the Total Ecosolution label*.
Find out more about the program and the label at:
*The labelling process has been verified by an external independent auditor.

Health & Safety concerns:

  • Not considered as VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) at room temperature according to the EU 1999/13 directive (vapor pressure <0.01 kPa at 25°C)
  • Very low PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) & aromatic content

2. SCRIPTANE® NW for coldset and press inks

The SCRIPTANE® NW range is designed for use in the production of coldset or newspaper inks. Products in the SCRIPTANE® NW range are aromatic mineral oils and do not require labeling under current European legislation.

Other Printing inks Hydrocarbon Fluids

Total has a series of additional products for use in the printing ink industry:

  • Toluene, used in the composition of stamping inks;
  • Solvents, for use alone or in a formulation, to clean plates and machines.

Download the printing inks distillates SCRIPTANE leaflet.(pdf)*

Our experts remain at your disposition for any technical advice on how to use Scriptane printing ink distillates for your printing inks.


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