EDC DRILLYS: lubricant additive for oil based drilling

EDC DRILLYS for drilling performances:

EDC DRILLYS decreases your operational costs by:

  • ¬†improving bit changes and non productive time
  • ¬†reducing drill string friction.

EDC DRILLYS improves your processes by:

  • being fully compatible with all NABM (Non-Aqueous Based Mud) drilling fluids and various base oil technologies
  • contributing to lower mud circulating temperature.

EDC DRILLYS enables to achieve a significant decrease in torque and drag and improves lubricity.

EDC Drillys

EDC DRILLYS required treat rate of maximum 2% in NABM to match those field results

Characteristics of EDC DRILLYS:

  • Classified Readily biodegradable (OECD 306)
  • Classified non toxic to humans, marine and wild life
  • Ultra low aromatic and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) content
  • High flash point and enhanced volatility

EDC drillys

Our experts remain at your disposition for any technical advice on how to use EDC DRILLYS oil base lubricant additives for drilling.


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