Certification and standards at TOTAL Fluides

To carry out the HSEQ-SD policy presented above, the Total Fluides Integrated Management System (IMS) incorporates the requirements of Quality (ISO 9001), Health and Safety (ISRS and OHSAS 18001) and Environmental (ISO 14001) standards.


Certification and standards

CERTIPHYTO certification

In compliance with European Regulation (EU) no. 544/2011 on crop protection products, the certification standard for professional phytopharmaceuticals distribution applied by Total Fluides since 2014 has been assessed and rated compliant by AFNOR Certification.

Professionals working with crop protection products marketed by Total Fluides also carry an individual certificate confirming that they have sufficient knowledge to administer pesticides safely and reduce their use (Certiphyto). The certificate applies to sale, distribution, use and advice. More precisely, it certifies compliance with regulations on crop protection products, from their market authorization and use, through to the management of waste packaging.


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