Constantly innovating

Constantly innovating  

The Special Fluids division of TOTAL provides customers with quality products and services, and strives at all times to offer them superior performance at competitive prices for their specific requirements. The division is continually improving its products and processes.


We are paying attention to our customers’ needs. We continuously monitor, assess and improve our products, services, technology and procedures to deliver quality, safety, energy efficiency and innovation at every stage in the development, production and distribution process.


At Special Fluids, we view your future as a professional: we continuously enhance our products and services to provide you with optimal support. We regularly expand our portfolio of application patents.


We also anticipate your needs. The Special Fluids division of TOTAL meets your current requirements and anticipates your future needs by being available and attentive to you. We find the right solutions, for a lasting relationship, adopting a responsive and proactive approach.


Moreover, we also enhance our commercial service offering. Our team provides various solutions tailored to customers' needs.

We are developing de-aromatized, biodegradable and less volatile products. We are focusing on the development of products with reduced environmental impact by  thanks to our severe HDA process and by the choice of adequate feedstocks.


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