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Synthetic base fluids : The advantages of EDC Fluids

TOTAL’s EDC fluids (Environmental Drilling Compound) belongs to the third of the three main categories of oil-based mud, classed according to the base oil's aromatic content. All the products in the range satisfy the principal market expectations for Drilling fluids:

Reduced impact on worker health

  • They have a low vapor pressure and a high flash point to reduce fire hazards.
  • They are neither irritant for skin (OECD test guideline 404), nor for eyes (OECD test guideline 405).

Reduced impact on the aquatic environment:

  • With extremely low aromatic content.
  • They are readily biodegradable.

EDC fluids are considered to be synthetic base fluids and are approved by OSPAR (OSLO PARIS CONVENTION FOR THE PROTECTION OF THE MARINE ENVIRONMENT IN THE NORTH-EAST ATLANTIC).

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