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Our certifications and standards


To carry out the Health, Safety, Security, Environment, Quality and Social policy, the Total Fluides Integrated Management System (IMS) incorporates the requirements of Quality (ISO 9001), Health and Safety (OHSAS 18001) and Environmental (ISO 14001) standards.

Certifications and standards



Total Fluides has initiated an ISO 45001 certification process to replace OHSAS 18001 in 2021. 

Total Fluides also carries ISCC+ in France, CERTYPHYTO and HALAL Certifications.


CERTIPHYTO certification

In accordance with French decree no. 2011-1325 defining the conditions for granting, renewing, suspending and withdrawing company approvals and individual certificates for the sale, free distribution and application of phytopharmaceutical products and advising on their use, Total Fluides holds approval for the distribution of phytopharmaceutical products to professionals, under number IF02031.

Total Fluides has also been assessed by AFNOR and found to be in compliance with the certification requirements of companies distributing phytopharmaceutical products for professional use.




Professionals in charge of phytopharmaceutical products sold by Total Fluides have an individual certificate (Certiphyto), attesting that they have sufficient knowledge to use phytopharmaceuticals safely and to reduce their use. The certificate is valid for sales, distribution, use and advice. This certification attests to their compliance with regulations governing phytopharmaceutical products: from their marketing authorisation and use, through to managing empty packaging.



With ISCC Plus, companies can demonstrate the accountability of their sustainability policy for biomass-based products.

ISCC Plus is a voluntary, recognized certification scheme for applications other than biofuels

Total Fluides was the first company to earn ISCC PLUS Certification in France in 2016. 

Thanks to this certification, Total Fluides demonstrates sustainability across the supply chain, from feedstock to finished products. This traceability of sustainability is audited every year at our production plant.

Bio-sourced products in Total Fluides' BioLife range are ISCC + certified.  


Our ISCC PLUS 2020-2021 certificate: click here




To learn more about ISCC+ certification and Veritas France: click here




The Halal certificate earned in 2019 has been renewed for the Oudalle plant and the product ranges below:

  • Aqualane
  • Berylane
  • Clerane
  • Eolane
  • Gemseal
  • Hydroseal
  • Isane BioLife
  • Lubrilam
  • Scriptane
  • Solane

It is valid until 07/31/2021.

The Halal Assurance System (HAS), which complies with standard ISO 17065, was established by the Halal certification body HCS to help professionals meet Halal standards. 

The certificate confirms that manufacturers of ingredients, foodstuffs, and veterinary, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products meet the requirements of the Halal market. It is recognized by respected Halal authorities around the world: LPPOM MUI in Indonesia, JAKIM in Malaysia, MUIS in Singapore, and CICOT in Thailand, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. 



To learn more:


Several products in our range have earned the Total Ecosolutions label which is based on a process audited by an external independent consultant. This program is designed to offer our customers increasingly effective solutions to help them reduce their consumption and/or their environmental impact.

The program relies on the unremitting efforts of the Group's R&D and marketing teams to develop innovative products and services offering performances well above market standards. These products are then awarded a specific label created by Total, the Total ECOSOLUTIONS label.

To earn the label, a product or service must:

  • Be available to customers,
  • Demonstrate an improvement in:
    • Environmental performance by reducing the environmental impacts it generates (reduction in energy or water use for example) or
    • Health performance by reducing levels of GHS classified substances or emissions of GHS classified VOCs it generates.

Provided that:

  • The environmental or health performance exceeds that of the reference product or service,
  • The product or service's overall impact has been considered over the entire lifecycle and evaluated favorably based on available knowledge,
  • The environmental or health performance does not result solely from full compliance with applicable regulatory requirements.


Total ecosolutions