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29/04/2021 News

Discover CLERANE, our solution dedicated to industrial cleaning and degreasing

clerane range


CLERANE is a range of  purity, biodegradable, hydrocarbon cleaning products

Our products are fully saturated hydrocarbons with very low aromatic content in accordance with the strictest international standards and HSE guidelines. 

The performance of the CLERANE range and its low HSE impact have been demonstrated, in particular for metal cleaning and precision cleaning on different surfaces and soils, such as waste oils, cutting oils, heavy fuel oil, lithium soap, grease, carbon black, neoprene glue and epoxy glue. 

It is the optimization between cleaning and degreasing performance, drying time and safety of use in your operating conditions that will guide you to the best choice.


More information on our CLERANE industrial cleaning and degreasing range

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