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A CSR policy aligned with the total group's sustainable development goals

Responsible activities

We are involved in a pro-active approach of the RSE policy of the Total Group

We give absolute priority to: 
•    The quality of the products we supply 
•    Logistics and carriage of goods, by land and sea
•    Supplying goods just in time
•    Open and constructive dialogue with our stakeholders and third parties. 


Our products are ISO 9001-certified for quality and our production plant in Oudalle is ISO 14001-certified.

We take into account the needs of today’s consumers and the interests of future generations. We have an active policy of environmental stewardship that is an integral part of our sustainable development strategy. We are constantly seeking the reduction of the ecological footprint in our businesses.


Our management is respectful of the environment to reduce the impact of our operations throughout the product lifecycle:

  • Innovation: developing de- aromatized, biodegradable and less volatile products;
  • Production: striving to achieve energy efficiency and minimum discharge;
  • Logistique:  optimised supply chain to reduce greenhouse gas emissions;
  • End-of-life: the best solution to recover packaging and recycle products.