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High purity hydrocarbon solvents

Total undertakes to manufacture and sell quality products. Our hydrocarbon fluids are efficient in the building and automotive industries, in the production of ink, paint, silicone sealants and cosmetics, in water treatment, crop protection, drilling fluids and many other applications.

Our know-how and our ability to innovate thanks to our unique patented HDA process allow us to market high-purity fluids.

As a responsible industrial manufacturer, continuously improving quality is a constant challenge to achieve our ambition of satisfying customers by meeting their expectations for quality, cost and lead-times. Our Quality management system is applied at each stage in our design, manufacturing and marketing processes.  

Our division gives customers the assurance that products are:

  • Safe
  • Compliant with the most stringent local regulations
  • Registered for their application

Our regulatory responsibility is an ongoing concern in the company. We actively take part in the work of industry groups and associations of hydrocarbon solvent producers such as the European Association HSPA (within the Cefic).

Our products comply with all government laws, rules and regulations. Moreover, the Special Fluids division of Total can provide required certificates (food contact, pharmacopeia, etc.) when needed for a specific usage.

Several products in our range have earned the Total Ecosolutions label which is based on a process audited by an external independent consultant. This program is designed to offer our customers increasingly effective solutions to help them reduce their consumption and/or their environmental impact.

The program relies on the unremitting efforts of the Group's R&D and marketing teams to develop innovative products and services offering performances well above market standards. These products are then awarded a specific label created by Total, the Total ECOSOLUTIONS label.

To earn the label, a product or service must:

Be available to customers,

Demonstrate an improvement in:

  • environmental performance by reducing the environmental impacts it generates (reduction in energy or water use for example) or
  • health performance by reducing levels of GHS classified substances or emissions of GHS classified VOCs it generates.

Provided that:

  • The environmental or health performance exceeds that of the reference product or service,
  • The product or service's overall impact has been considered over the entire lifecycle and evaluated favorably based on available knowledge,
  • The environmental or health performance does not result solely from full compliance with applicable regulatory requirements.
Total ecosolutions




With its unique technology, TOTAL Fluides has developed a wide range of renewable isoalkanes: BioLife. Our biosourced solvents are obtained from 100% certified vegetable origin feedstocks. Thanks to their outstanding performances, BioLife products provide sustainable solutions for all kinds of industries.