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Oudalle is the Total Group’s Plan for Total Fluides Oudalle Plant production site in Europe since 1970. The plant is in Seine-Maritime (76), near Le Havre, in France.

  • The Oudalle plant is a “specialities refinery”: it produces a wide range of high value-added hydrocarbon products implementing state-of-the-art technologies;
  • The facility is classified under the Seveso III Directive (high threshold). It operates non-stop (24 hours/day). It is subject to the same requirements and regulations as a traditional refinery.

The Oudalle Plant: From procurement to shipping

The facility mainly produces petroleum cuts and bases using products supplied by Total refineries and other companies. Raw materials are supplied to the site by pipelines, sea carriage (barges and ships) and road (tankers).

The transformed products are then dispatched to our customers’ sites:

  • By road, in tankers or ISO tank containers
  • By sea (the plant has a docking facility for barges and ships)
  • By pipeline
  • By rail

The Oudalle Plant: over 150 products resulting from the transformation of hydrocarbons

Some products are packed in barrels and 1,000-litre containers at the plant.

Oudalle mosaic


The Oudalle plant’s commitment to safety, quality, environment and society

Safety: Safety of operations and health are priority focuses for the Total Group. The health and safety aspects of products are given consideration from the design and development of our products.

The plant has been OHSAS 18001 certified since March 31, 2016, and is audited according to the Total (: MAESTRO) certified reference system.

An integrated HSEQ Management System, which covers the requirements of ISO standards and Total's internal requirements, is in place.

Inspection: in 1998, the Inspection department was recognized by the regional directorate for industry, research and the environment (now the DREAL).

Quality: Total Special Fluids has had a formal quality procedure since 1990 and the plant obtained ISO 9001 certification in 2003. In 2018, the plant transitioned to the 2015 versions of standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. 

Environment: The Special Fluids division of Total  implements an environmental management policy to reduce the impact of operations in terms of:

  • Greenhouse gas emissions
  • Waste water
  • Soil and groundwater quality
  • Generated waste
  • Sound and odour nuisance, visual integration of the site into the surroundings, and energy consumption

Regard is had for the environmental aspect of products and potential risks right from the design stages.
The environmental aspects of the plant’s operations are identified. Any significant impacts on the environment are defined and measured to determine those that can be controlled.
Regulatory provisions and legal or other requirements are identified and managed. Compliance with such requirements by the Oudalle plant is checked on a regular basis.
This policy led to ISO 14001 certification obtained in 1997, which has been regularly renewed ever since.

In 2018, the Oudalle plant got the “Together for Sustainability” certification assessing sustainability practices within the supply chains of the chemical industry. This certification is valid during 3 years.

Society: The Oudalle plant engages in constructive, open dialogue with stakeholders and third parties.

Getting to the Oudalle Plant

  • GPS : 0° 16’ 43,131’’E / 49°29’ 12,345’’N
  • Port number : 5171

Total Fluides: plan for the Oudalle Plant

From Le Havre (approx. 16 km) :

  • Take the N282 towards Rouen / Paris / Caen / Amiens / Zone Industrielle Portuaire / Pont de Normandie
  • Join the A131/E05 motorway
  • Join the A29/E44 motorway towards Caen / Zone Industrielle Portuaire / Pont de Normandie
  • Take exit no. 5 (Zone Industrielle Portuaire, Ports Est et Ouest / Centre Routier)
  • Follow the signs for TOTAL Fluides

From Paris (approx. 190 km) :

  • Take the A13 then the A131 / E05 motorway to the Pont de Tancarville, then towards Le Havre
  • Join the A29 / E44 motorway towards Caen / Zone Industrielle Portuaire / Pont de Normandie
  • Take exit no. 5 (Zone Industrielle Portuaire, Ports Est et Ouest / Centre Routier)
  • Follow the signs for Total Fluides