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Hydrocarbon fluids BERYLANE for metal-working

TOTAL’s BERYLANE products is a range of high-performance, low-viscosity base oils widely used in the production of metalworking fluids. They are designed for a variety of applications in metalworking and deliver excellent washing and cooling action.

The outstanding purity of the BERYLANE hydrocarbon fluids and their complete absence of both odor and color combine with superior ageing stability and mildness to the skin, enabling the formulation of premium metalworking fluids.

BERYLANE metal-working fluids advantages:

Their narrow boiling range ensures low evaporation rates and comparatively high flash points, reducing both fire risk and vapor formation on the shop floor. BERYLANE’s excellent ageing stability, exceeding even synthetic isoparaffinic fluids, maximizes the service life of the metalworking fluid:

  • Non staining
  • No sulphur
  • No aromatics
  • No PAH
  • High purity
  • Odorless
  • Colorless

BERYLANE range is not classified as Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) according to the definition of the directive EC/1999/13.

BERYLANE hydrocarbon fluids are considered by our customers in Metal Working Fluids as Group II+ or Group III Base oils thanks to their highest purity obtained by our unique hydrogenation technology.

BERYLANE fluids can be used as viscosity adjuster in many lubricant formulations. BERYLANE fluids combine technical performance of hydro-cracked base oils with purity of white oils.

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Our experts remain at your disposition for any technical advice on how to use BERYLANE hydrocarbon fluids for metal working fluids.