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AQUALANE, hydrocarbon fluids for the production of polyacrylamides

The AQUALANE range is particularly suitable for the formulation of liquid phase polyacrylamide (inverse emulsion) which may contain up to 25% of hydrocarbons. Polyacrylamides are used in the areas of water treatment, paper industry, mining or oil exploration.

They are used both as vehicles for the polymerization process and as the organic solvent in different grades of inverse emulsions.

The solvents used must be of high purity and completely inert in order not to interfere with the polymerization reaction. Beyond the technical requirements, the hydrocarbons must meet the strictest environmental and security standards.

Aqualane solvents performance

Features required to the hydrocarbons used in production of polyacrylamides:

  • Chemically inert
  • Colorless and odorless
  • Flash point > 70°C

For paper application, they must be approved by:

  • US FDA 21 CFR ChI § 178.3620b
  • German BfR XXXVI

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