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Organic plasticizers for silicone sealant

Total hydrocarbon fluids range Hydroseal, with very low aromatic content, is used by main silicone sealant manufacturers. For over a decade, the products have been used successfully as organic plasticizers, as alternative to silicone oil.

Hydrocarbon fluids HYDROSEAL performance:

The extremely pure HYDROSEAL® range helps mastic sealant to:

  • Reduce formulation costs
  • Reduce yellowing problems inherent in the use of organic plasticizers
  • Improve the transparency of the sealant
  • Facilitate extrusion and application
  • Minimize recurring shrinkage.

TOTAL offers also product for hybrid sealant, polyurethane sealant and acrylic sealant.

To find out more about our HYDROSEAL organic plasticizer for silicone sealants, click here.

Our experts remain at your disposition for any technical advice on how to use Hydroseal organic plasticizer for silicone sealants.