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The Ink industry at Dupra 2016

La division Fluides Spéciaux de TOTAL apparaît dans le magazine INK WORLD pour l’exposition Dupra 2016:

"Jan Schuite of Schuite and Schuite Druckfarben GmbH discussed his company’s Bionomic 2.0, its mineral oil-free heatset inks the company formulated in partnership with TOTAL Special Fluids.

“There is concern over migration of mineral oil on recycled paper getting into the food chain, and when Total came up with a new replacement for mineral oil, they came to us as we are the only heatset ink company doing R&D on this,” Schuite said. “In the past, there were some publishers who wanted to go mineral oil-free, which led us to look in this direction.”

“I saw samples and went into the lab, and Bionomic 2.0 was born,” added Marc De Geest of Schuite & Schuite. “The price was less expensive than 1.0, and Bionomic 2.0 is also drying better, so printers don’t have to raise the temperature as much. The VOC content of 2.0 is 25% lower.”

Par David Savastano, rédacteur | 29 juillet 2016